Collateralized Debt & Private Equity

Raise Your Expectations

Making More Possible Through Forward Thinking

We approach each transaction with a “measure twice, cut once” philosophy. Whatever the circumstances, we’ll consider all factors and develop an appropriate solution best suited for you.

You may want to grow, improve profitability, or expand to other markets. You may require capitalization and want an alternative to bringing on an equity partner. Or, you may be experiencing strained cash flow due to unforeseen conditions or due to the cyclical nature of your trade. Whether you require capital, proper infrastructure, or a seamless back office, Nexgen can help with that.

We consistently develop relationships with industry experts, FP&A and other finance professionals, attorneys, CPAs, and small business loan brokers and seek to leverage those relationships to facilitate value-add wherever possible. By utilizing all of the resources across our platform, we pursue opportunities to provide growth capital, execute leveraged buyouts, and develop custom equity solutions to support your goals.


We’re fast, lightening fast. As a direct source of funds, we service our own notes and all decisions are made in-house.


Because we hate hidden fees and red tape as much as you do. And we’ll never retrade our loan terms.


It’s our hallmark. We’ll structure flexible terms and a fee scale that’s based on your circumstances and other considerations.

The Necessary Details

Target Deal Size

$250,000 – $5,000,000


3 – 24 months

Eligible Collateral
  • Cash flow positive CRE
  • Assignment of interest or option agreement
  • Assignment of contract

Our Team

Isaac Abadi

Chief Executive Officer

A qualified general contractor and project manager, Isaac has been involved with construction and real estate since 2009. Isaac’s expertise includes project management, property development, and key stakeholder management. Isaac has been involved in the development and acquisition of over $350M worth of real estate and infrastructure across the Tri-State Area. Isaac’s responsibilities include origination, client relations, portfolio management, and strategic planning.

Andrew Muller

Director of Operations

Having worked extensively with Family Offices, Andrew knows first-hand the myriad challenges small and medium-sized organizations face. Andrew is responsible for due diligence and investor and client relations. He participates in analyzing and advising in all phases of the investment process. From intake to closing, Andrew manages deal-flow and ensures any hurdles are overcome and all parties involved experience a seamless transaction – that closes.

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